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a washingtonian who also calls a quaint harbor town in sweden home


Hejsan (Hello in Swedish)!

Tusen Tack (many thanks) for visiting and considering Kreativ Collabs!

I moved to Mariestad for love. And my first reaction to this small town was like ok this is totally not going to work for me - I really wanted to move to Stockholm (Östermalm to be specific), but I decided to maintain a positive attitude! And in 2015 something changed, I slowly began to appreciate this quaint, historic harbor town! So, I started to look at it in a different way – and with out a doubt it has inspired my creative process, my visual identity and a new dimension to my core values!

I truly believe that art and creative collaborations can connect cultures in a unique and exciting way so my intentions with Kreativ Collabs is to create opportunities for more cultural exchange between Scandinavia, the States and eventually Latin America and the Caribbean islands, with Creole Konst.

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must love dogs


Cassius Wellington has been with me since 2009! He was born in Pittsburgh, lived in Chicago, IL and Durham, NC. He was a very sick rescue pup who through lots of love, family support and the amazing assiatnce of Dr. Gerson and Point Breeze Vet team  was nursed back to health. Now Cash lives a very pampered life here in Mariestad, Sweden.



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mariestad my hometown in sweden ... 

johannesberg höst walk

johannesberg höst walk

jette mellgren shelter

jette mellgren shelter

my view of lake vänern

my view of lake vänern

The historic architecture, the public art and lake Vänern - this town inspires my aesthetic and creative direction.


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