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creative direction and international collaborations from a quaint harbor town in sweden.

Hejsan (Hello in Swedish)!

Tusen Tack (many thanks) for visiting and considering Kreativ Collabs!

I offer creative direction and international collaborations for art, creative and lifestyle brands.  With a fine art approach, I conceptualize your visual identity, curate your brand and communicate your story.

Sweden has been my home for 4 years now. But, before moving to Sweden for love (and my career) I lived, studied and worked in Pittsburgh PA, Washington DC, Durham NC, and Chicago IL. And in past professional lives I have been a gallery manager, art writer, marketing/public relations manager, web designer, event planner, visual merchandiser & social media manager. You can read more about my educational and professional backgrounds at Kreativ Collabs Inception.

Prior to starting Kreativ Collabs I co-founded 3rd Root Aesthetic (an art consulting business) and founded Warehouse Petz (a pet concierge business). More recently, I co-founded D+C Contemporary - a gallery and blog [online] with my brilliant, long time friend Donna Banks. This passion project reunited Donna and I but it also serves as an example of a kreativ collabs project. As the creative director,  I curated the brand, designed the website,  and currently manage the social media platforms.

You can see my full portfolio of branding and curating projects by visiting The Collection.  Or if you would like to have a fika so we can chat about art or creative projects just send me an email!!


sweden is my home, the lakes, the forest, the sun and the snow - this country inspires me, my aesthetic and my creative direction.

I moved to Mariestad, a quaint harbor town in October 2012for love and my career. The Scandinavian lifestyle is incredibly inspiring and kindles my aesthetic and creative direction.  

Since moving to Sweden I have had a handful of creative collaborations.  My first was a HUGE HONOR because I had to the opportunity to write for C-Print Contemporary Art Journal, which is based in Stockholm.  For this assignment I interviewed and wrote a story on one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE photographers, Joshua Cogan, who is based in Washington, DC.  This collaboration was special because it connected my love for contemporary art and photography, but also my love for my two favorite cities! You can read the essay Seeing Yourself In Other for Joshua's story and check out some of the other essays featured in the journal!

The 2nd creative collaboration is a contemporary art online platform. D+C Contemporary - the 2nd passion project founded by Donna Banks and myself (the first was 3rd Root Aesthetic) fosters contemporary artists and their stories from around the world. 

And in Mariestad, the charming harbor town that I now call home, I styled, photographed and wrote the press release for Zukara (a Mexican company with a new start-up based in Sweden).

You can read more about my very first creative collaboration that took place as an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh and several others that I have had in the States prior to relocating to Sweden by reading Kreativ Collabs Inception.

Spare time… While working on my second MA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I started a blog inspired by the last chapter of my thesis. Creole Konst has evolved from an art historical online publication to what it is today an emerging art, travel and lifestyle blog.  As an American living in Sweden I greatly appreciate my strong working class roots. But I have also grown to appreciate the Scandinavian lifestyle that practices a more balanced living. Joakim and I enjoy spending time on the boat, taking bike rides, and travelling locally, domestically, and internationally with our Yorkie Cassius Wellington! And finally I enjoy reading and have just started reading art, fashion, home décor and travel magazines in Swedish - this is part of my creative home work as I am learning this beautiful language.

Brand Inspo… My style is inspired by Scandinavia blended with industrial and Zen design aesthetics …