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What dog? These are my children, little people with fur who make my heart open a little wider. – oprah winfrey


This quote from Oprah brings tears to my eyes – I is touching and soooo relatable! I literally came from the hospital as a new born to a Doberman Pincher who was not only my mom’s baby after my older brother but she was my older sister! From that moment I have had dogs for my entire life with the exception of a 4 year period between my Dalmation of 9 years death and my Yorkie @cassiuswellington - a rescue pup from the States who is now living a pampered life in Sweden!


Last fall we noticed that Cash (one of his many nicknames) was having a couple of times where he was very constipated so we took him to our local vet who recommended adding fiber to hi diet. So we did this for a few months but did not notice a significant change, so in May of this year we took him for a follow-up because the constipation was worse. At that time he was diagnosed with having a perineal hernia which required surgery!


To make this long story short, a more detailed story will be on the dog blog at some point! Anyway the entire summer was spent with Cassius having 3 medical emergencies and 3 surgeries and extra, extra tlc to get through the recovery period! And my mental state and anxiety were for sure tested!

And though I am sure there is a lesson behind this most challenging summer the one thing I know for sure is that I am grateful for #cassiuswellington because he is a true fighter – hence his name, I have nothing but gratitude for my love @madlyckan who has taught me how to be more patient (during the recovery period) and to have a little faith and jag är jättetacksam att ha ett annat #nationaldogday med Cash!!!


the road to recovery

Wishing this little guy a steady recovery - xox Cec!

photo note: all photos taking by cecily ferguson unless otherwise noted