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photo credit/source: 1. tattinger facebook - 2. mad men (via amc) - 3. your living city stockholm (david schmidt) - 4. @ps.ny - 5.@relatornelson - 6. @kenton_steryous

photo credit/source: 1. tattinger facebook - 2. mad men (via amc) - 3. your living city stockholm (david schmidt) - 4. @ps.ny - 5.@relatornelson - 6. @kenton_steryous


Wow what a year! The hardest part about moving to Sweden for love has been finding part-time career opportunities in Mariestad! It is one of the reasons why I started Kreativ Collabs, but starting a freelance creative studio (in a small town) in a new country has its financial challenges! My intentions during the start of 2018 were to look for part-time jobs that would provide a steady income and allow me to connect more professionally to people in #mymariestad. So, in February I started sending out professional introduction emails and every reply was thanks but no thanks! So, I went back to focusing on finding clients and specifically potential clients from my home country and from that a special package was conceived – Pittsburgh Proud! Pittsburgh Proud is an exclusively designed package for artists, creatives and small businesses in my #hometown Pittsburgh! 

Through a mutual acquaintance I was introduced to an artist from Pittsburgh, who was looking for a curator and someone that could help with branding and social media – So we scheduled a video chat in March!  Around that same time, I received an email from Mariestad’s Kommun Culture Director who had a part-time/ temp position that she thought I was perfect for – so we scheduled a meeting! Fast forward to April I started a dream job and had a potential dream client from my hometown in The States!

 Two thousand eighteen started off a bit slow and I was for sure worried mostly because I was desperate for income – I can always find non-paid passion projects that allow me to continue my craft and develop new skills – but at that point I really needed a steady income! Last year literally evolved organically and though it had its challenges it was equally exciting (and I had a steady income for 9 months of the year) it also ended up being a type of blue print to how I want my professional career to evolve! A part-time job and 3 to 4 clients a year leads to financial stability and freedom, which provides more opportunity for me to invest in this growing creative studio!

 As we are just a few days into two thousand nineteen my goal is to find a part-time permeant position (though I would happily accept another temp project), to gain new clients in The States and Scandinavia, marketing more globally, and most importantly staying focused and having faith that things will work out if I continue to put in the work!


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Intentions for 2019…

Focus on the moment (professionally + personally), though this sounds cliché 2018 went by soooo quickly. I experienced some pretty amazing moments and though I was incredibly grateful I often found myself thinking about lists and other creative ideas during these amazing moments. So instead of a New Year’s Resolution my intentions for 2019 are to focus on the moment, be more optimistic (even during the most challenging times), be more calm, celebrate the things that unite us instead of divide us and to be more collaborative (samarbeta in Swedish) with partners and clients (who are open to it) because I think the process is so insightful!

photo credit: joakim svensson

photo credit: joakim svensson

Happy New Year!!!

xox, Cec

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