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photo credit/source: 1. residence magazine - 2. a very harry christmas - 3. ikea - 4. jonas bjerre poulsen (for residence magazine) - 5. poppy talk - 6. the every girl

photo credit/source: 1. residence magazine - 2. a very harry christmas - 3. ikea - 4. jonas bjerre poulsen (for residence magazine) - 5. poppy talk - 6. the every girl

gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry christmas. - peg bracken


Thanksgiving came a week early this year which I thought would be cool but it ended up throwing me off! I am a bit busy with an important artist chat – the artist lives in Pittsburgh (my hometown in The States), starting a new partnership with a creative crafter (see below) and getting ready for the holiday season! My dream holiday schedule is to have a less busy work schedule in December - allowing more time to wrap-up projects, set-up calendars and other organizational strategies for the new year and to have more time to spend with family/friends here and to chat with family/friends in The States! My goal is to not be totally busy the week before JulAfton– the past couple of years I have been exhausted by Christmas Eve’s Eve!

This month I am also finishing up the first phase of a #konstcollabs project with Björn Nordén. This summer in partnership with Splace Gallery and the Embassy of Sweden in Japan for Sweden Japan 150 Anniversary I curated the exhibition Space/Time in Sweden/Japan it was an exhibit of Björn Nordèn minimal works on paper and a series of his new garden pots. The space was curated so that the viewer would be more aware of the idea of space, the space in-between and the cultural similarities between Sweden and Japan. The vernissage took place June 29th and the exhibit continued through the Annual Kultur & Skördefest. I am proud that this project was just the first phase the next phases will continue through 2019 you can follow the project at #spacetimeswedenjapan.


One passion project I am super excited to announce that is launching this month (actually in a couple of days) is a podcast with Kajsa H. Horner! In Säsong Pod is pilot, quarterly podcast inspired by seasonal living and the Scandinavian lifestyle and the first episode called Christmas Mys will air on December 21st so stay tuned! And the first official episode will be published on Janaury 1, 2019 – it will focus on the winter season, you can connect with us via @insasongpod.


And my first passion project, though it has been neglected the past few months, will continue! Though, Donna and I are both super busy we are still passionate about why we started D+C Contemporary and it will continue in some sort of capacity we will share more via our annual New Year’s post which will be published in the new year – you can read all about on The District: Contemporary Art Blog


I was a bit disappointment that Black Friday has found its way to Europe – yes even the most northern part! My opinion about this day (which I will keep to myself for now) stems from my educational background in advertising, marketing and pr and my experiences with working in retail not to mention the history of the day - it basically goes with Thanksgiving like peanut butter goes with jelly, or like crispy waffles go with cream and hallon sylt it just does not make sense that Europe has picked up this historic day to kick off the holiday season! I would much rather have Thanksgiving become a red day (an official holiday here in Sweden) then to have Black Friday or at least have Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

image source: post nord uppslaget

image source: post nord uppslaget

image source: post nord uppslaget ( ellos  reklam)

image source: post nord uppslaget (ellos reklam)

Because of this and being inspired by AMEX’s Small Business Saturday (the Saturday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday) I really wanted to focus on Scandinavia’s small shops during the entire holiday season! I originally got the idea during a trip to Ålesund Norway - this small harbor town is incredibly charming and the way the small shops were decorated and the overall customer service - it was Hallmark Holiday Movie perfekt!!! And I thought it would be easy to first connect with the shops in #mymariestad and slowly branch out covering Skaraborg County, Sweden and Scandinavia! So during the early part of the holiday season I had the opportunity to chat with a couple of small shop owners here in Mariestad, so I am starting a new series that will highlight small shop owners for now you can see instagram story highlights and I will share more details here as it evolves!


With such a busy schedule the one thing that keeps me most focused during this time of year is holiday music – I love it and listen to it from December 1st – January 1st! Our go to stations are Jul Radio -, Mix Megapole Christmas station – which reminds me of Pittsburgh’s 3WS or Washington DC’s WASH FM holiday stations – it even follows the same dates! But right now, I am listening to more music on Spotify, my goal is to make a couple of holiday music playlists, and my top 3 favs for 2018 include: A Legendary Christmas , New Tradiciones and Kära Vinter (the last two are beautiful blends of spansih + english and swedish + english!) and honorable mention is of course A Charlie Brown Christmas (Vince Guaraldi Trio) this is my all-time favorite!

image source: spotify

image source: spotify

image source: spotify

image source: spotify

image source: spotify

image source: spotify

And a few of my favorite holiday music #musikcollabs are:

“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Diane Reeves + Lou Rawls

Natalie Cole + James Taylor

Andrienne + Isreal Houghton

“Peace on Earth/ Little Drummer Boy”

Being Crosby + David Bowie

“Winter Wonderland/ Sleigh Ride”

Dolly Parton + Kenny Rodgers

“When You Wish Upon A Star”

Mary J. Blige + Barbra Streisand


Wishing everyone a happy + healthy holiday season!

xox, Cec

photo note: all photos taken by cecily ferguson unless otherwise noted