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Mariestad's Kultur & Skördefest Weekend

Minimalism and the Japanese Garden

Art Reception

Friday September 28,  2018 

17:00 to 20:00

Saturday September 29,  2018

10:00 to 16:00

Space / Time in Sweden / Japan features minimal works  by contemporary artist Björn Nordén during a 30-year period. The exhibit includes works on paper, Japanese artifacts, and hand painted garden pots that challenge the viewers experience and their relationship with space and time. This exhibition invites the viewer to think about Japanese culture and how it connects to Swedish culture and is a visual experience of the Japanese word ma.

Ma translates to a pause, distance between, or emptiness and these concepts are very important within Japanese culture but they are also a major component of Nordén’s aesthetic practice and creative process. As a Swedish artist Nordén completely understands this concept because he lives it and it is communicated within his visual language . Space and time, when applied to the theory of ma, addresses the idea of movement and connecting points between places.

When Nordén travels between Sweden and Japan something occurs during that space and time that allows him to openly embrace Japanese culture while staying strongly connected to his Swedish identity and  the works in this exhibition reflect his strong sense of self and connection to both cultures.

Minimalism and a Japanese Garden opens during   Mariestad's  Kultur & Skördefest and is part of the Off Season Art Gardening program.

This konst collabs is part of my ongoing commitment to curating exhibitions that examine cultural exchange and connections. The online component and catalog are coming soon, so stay tuned. 

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Space / Time in Sweden /Japan takes place in Mariestad  at  Splace Gallery which is foot steps away from the center square and directly across from Lake Vänern.  

Located in Västra Götaland, Sweden there are many international artists that call Mariestad home and throughout the years there have been major art and culture events and annual festivals. 

It is also one of Sweden’s summer tourist spots! Please stop by the gallery during the opening weekend or contact us to make an appointment. 

Splace Gallery 

Hamngatan 6

Mariestad 542 30