my goal is to conceptualize your visual identity, curate your brand and share your story.


Educationally trained as an art historian at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, I have always had a great appreciation for art. I recall as a young child spending hours at a time looking at art works and books that we had around our home and asking my mom and older brother so many questions. 

My professional career and my academic career emerged simultaneously and for that I am incredibly grateful. This accidental blessing was by necessity – coming from a single, working class family my siblings and I needed to make financial contributions to our household.  Therefore, while taking a full course schedule at the University of Pittsburgh I also worked several part-time jobs. This study/work ethic followed me throughout my academic career. I now realize these professional experiences, which included but were not limited to writing, curating, marketing, public relations, visual merchandising, photo styling and social media management, enhanced my educational advancement. But the professional experiences that I had, while also studying, also provided transferable skills such as visual and critical thinking, problem solving, strong writing and verbal communications and analyzing and interpreting information from a variety of sources.


The studio works with creative minds from around the globe and therefore offers a variety of services that cover your brand essentials. From art consulting + branding to marketing materials + social media and anything in between! With an international network and global resources the studio can execute a well curated brand that will include international creative collaborations. Below are a few of the services:

  1. Visual identity and design – logo, blog/website, business card/stationary
  2. Writing – creative content, editorial writing, blog, copy writing, art/product description, press releases
  3. Digital and Print – brochure, press kit, flyer, newsletter, cv, catalog
  4. Social Media –  icons, profile, post, hashtags
  5. Misc – photography, photo shoot styling, guest speaking, brand collaborations

The creative process first begins with an idea and then lots of brainstorming!  As your creative director my goal is to start with your idea and subsequently take the lead on the creative process which is at times both bitter and sweet!

Please contact me if you would like to receive more information on the packages and pricing. Or if you would like have a fika just to chat about your brand ideas!

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