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How does the process work?

I collaborate with a fabulous group of creative minds. We work together as a team through the entire process.  Please contact me if you would like more specific information.

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What makes you unique?

As an art historian, I have professional skills that include:

  • aesthetic and visual attentiveness and analysis

  • broad cultural and historical knowledge

  • analyzing and presenting ideas to diverse audiences

  • attention to detail

  • critical thinking

  • problem solving

  • strong writing and research dexterity

  • strong verbal communication skills

  • analyzing and interpreting information from diverse sources

In addition, curating and launching my own brand has provided the opportunity to practice the fine art approach theory that I market. My goal is to spend quality time with each client as I curate their brand, but also continue to collaborate with them to grow their brand internationally. Therefore, as a global creative consultant I am specifically looking for clients who want to make an important visual investment in their business but who are also looking for international brand collaborations.  

How long does the project take?

Depending on the package and/or the services projects can take between 3 weeks up to 3 months. However, I do not like to rush through projects because I prefer to focus on each client’s specific, creative needs so I can curate the most creative and professional brand possible.   

Do you have business hours?

Yes, my typical work week is Monday – Friday from 10am to 4pm (est 4am to 10am) and Saturday from 11am to 4pm (5am to 10am) depending on my work load I might be available when a client or perspective client contacts me. However, each client will have custom office hours based on our various times zones. 

Let's Have a Fika

These meetings and/or video chats are scheduled in advance Monday – Friday between 11am to 3:30pm which is 5am to 9.30am est.

Do you host the website?

No, the domain and hosting are purchased the client. Though I am willing to manage this process, please understand that Kreativ Collabs is not responsible for server downtime, software or compatibility issues that may occur by the hosting service. Kreativ Collabs Collaborations does offer website maintenance (which is recommended every 12 – 16 months) for an additional cost.

What are your payment policies?

Payments for services are submitted through a number of ways directly via my website, Swish, PayPal or electronic funds transfer. All clients will receive an initial quote based on the agreed packages and/or services. And prior to beginning the collaboration a $250 payment is due, this payment is applied towards the balance. Subsequently, payments are due throughout the projects milestones and are typically paid in 2 to 3 parts. Depending on the projects and the services various payment options are available. All payments must be received before the final files are delivered and the blog/website is launched. And if the studio manages the print job all print cost are due prior to sending the project to the printer.

And I have a special affinity for specific creative minds...

Coming from… Pittsburgh PA, Washington DC, Durham NC, Chicago IL, Mariestad, Stockholm, Göteborg, Miami, California, NYC (and other cities located in harbor towns or along the coast) and cities throughout Scandinavia and the Caribbean!

And who are connected to… University of Pittsburgh, Howard University, Duke University and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago!

Tusen Tack!

Many thanks for considering a creative collaboration! I am always grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with other creative minds. Please send me an email if you would like to chat about creative projects or would like to collaborate!