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Cassius Wellington


Mariestad, Sweden

est. 2011  

This blog was originally created as a platform for sharing my experiences as a pet concierge in Durham, NC. However it slowly evolved to a platform that focuses on pet art, travel and products. As a dog owner for over 40 years (I basically cam home form the hospital to a Doberman Pinscher named Coco) I thoroughly enjoy living a life with a dog! The design aesthetic expresses just that by incorporating a color palette inspired by my favorite breeds and nature with a touch a luxe - I do believe family pets should be totally spoiled ( but also good listeners) because they have such an incredibly impact on our lives!

passion portfolio:

  1. brand identity 

  2. blog design

  3. writing 

  4. social media: instagram + twitter

  5. photography + short videos


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Passion Portfolio

  • Creative Direction

  • Brand Curating: visual identity + brand catalog

  • blog design

  • Writing

  • Social Media: instagram, twitter + pinterest

  • Photography + Short Videos